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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tutorial create your own blog

It currently has a blog not a new thing, and almost all people who often had the Internet already has a blog. Both create blogs dilayanan the free ones at blogger.com, wordpress.com, blogsome.com, and other free blog service or by installing a blog on their own domain and hosting.And for those of you who do not currently have a blog, it's time you have and create a blog, good blog that is only used as a personal website to make blogs as a business website.Before creating a blog, you can determine in advance, you want to create a blog using the free service or install it on their own domain and hosting, which each have advantages and disadvantages.The options are:1. You create a blog on a free service.2. You create a blog with own domain and hosting.If you decide to create a blog on a free service, the best option is to create a blog on blogger.com, while if a blog with own domain and hosting, you can use wordpress blogging software.Why when you create a blog on a free service, the choice fell to blogger.com? This is because blogger.com is owned by Google.com, so blog on blogger.com pengindexan process better and can bring traffic (visits) from search engine Google.com.In fact, often times use the service position blogger.com blog that can occupy a higher position than the position of an ordinary website with the domain and hosting your own. The downside when you create a blog diblogger.com, you will get a website address like domainanda.blogspot.com, indeed your blog's address will be longer.But if you want to spend money to purchase the domain and hosting, you can use wordpress blogging software which can be installed on a web hosting so you will have the website address domainanda.com, more simple. Wordpress blog templates and provides a website look more attractive.The election process is more influenced your goal to create a blog, if only for self berexpressi course, you can use a free blog at blogger.com, but if you seriously want to build a business through a blog and build branding yourself, I suggest you buy a domain and hosting , and install WordPress on your web hosting.So the conclusion is
When Using a Blog on a free service, you choose to create a blog in blooger.com
When Using the Domain and Hosting your own, you choose to create a blog using wordpress blog softwareAt this stage, decide you want to create a blog where.
II. Guide Create a Blog ...

II.1 Learning to Create a Blog / Tutorials Blog on Blogger.comTo learn to create a blog on blogger.com, you can learn through a video made by Kelvin Chow, which also can be seen below:

II.2 Learning to Create a Blog WordPress / Wordpress Tutorials

WordPress blog in addition to providing free software that can be installedon your web hosting, wordpress also provides a free blog atwordpress.com, but if you want to use the free blogging service, the best option to use blogger.com, due to start a blog on blogger.com easier indexcompared to create a blog on other free blog service.
To create a blog using the domain and hosting, you need to buy a domainand hosting for your blog. The steps you need to do is:

Choosing a Domain and Hosting

Buy a Domain and Hosting Package

Installing Wordpress Blog software

II.2.1 Choosing a Domain and Hosting
What is a domain? Domain is a name used as the address of your websiteon the internet. Any person who wants to open your website, he must typeyour domain name.
You can choose any domain name as long as it is still available. Choose a domain name that best suits your purpose to create a blog. For personal blogs and to build personal branding, you can buy your own domain name.
Furthermore, what is hosting? Hosting is where you put your website files ona server that connects to the Internet.
To purchase this domain and hosting, you can do to buy it on the websitethat provides domain registration services and hosting sales in both Indonesia and abroad. When you do a domain registration and hosting inIndonesia, you can menggunakandomainhostingmurah.net.
membuat blog

Meanwhile, if you want to buy the domain and hosting overseas can use Hostupon, where the package is a package provided hostupon unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, so you can simply buy a web hosting package for hosting all your other websites. You do not need to buy a hosting package every time you want to create a website. More economical if you intend to create many websites.
In buying a hosting package, you need to consider the following:
1. Server systems are used, Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting. The election will be associated with software and programming language that can be used. You can choose to use Linux Web Hosting wordpress  blogging software.
2. Disk Space provided. Disk space is given the capacity to store the files on your website.
3. Bandwidth provided. Bandwidth is the capacity per month is allowed access. If the access capacity per month is up, then the website will be inaccessible until the end of the month. Bandwidth will be reset every month Any person accessing your website well just open it or download the website files will spend the bandwidth.
4. Number of domains allowed for a web hosting package. Depending on the hosting package you purchase. For unlimited domains means you can use a domain that is not limited to 1 web hosting packages.
5. The number of databases provided. You should also note, there are companies that provide unlimited domain hosting, but with a limited number of databases. This database is used for websites that require a database to store data on his website. So that when the number of databases provided only 10, although given unlimited domain, meaning you can only create 10 websites that have databases.

II.2.2 Buy Domains and Hosting
You can buy a domain and web hosting packages at the following website:
1. For in Indonesia, you can buy in domainhostingmurah.net which is a franchise from a web hosting website id web host. Purchase through domainhostingmurah.net be about 8-10% cheaper than buying directly in id web host, while the facilities and support provided remains the same is done by id web host.
domain hosting murah
2. For overseas. You can buy in hostupon, which provides web hosting packages for unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth,unlimited databases. You select your hostuponbila indeed will make manywebsites, so you do not need to buy a hosting package again.
unlimited hosting  

II.2.3 Installing WordPress Blog
Once you buy a domain and hosting, next is to install a blogwordpress.Langkah-step easy to install wordpress blog is as follows:
1. You are logged on your hosting cpanel. Cpanel address will be provided byyour web hosting. You can access it by typing domainanda.com / cpanel thenlogin using the username and password provided by your web hosting.
Furthermore, after logging in, usually on cpanel video tutorials available foryou to learn to use the facility on cpanel well. You learned through thesevideos how you can use facilities provided by cpanel. You will learn manythings from the video.
membuat blog wordpress
2. To install the wordpress blog, you can use fantastico icon. To install awordpress blog can be done manually or with fantastico icon. Better byfantastico because it's easier, just a few clicks away.
belajar wordpress

3. In fantastico menu, you select the wordpress blog. You can view other open source software websites that you can use. Because you want to create a website with a blog then you select your WordPress blog.
membuat blog

4. Followed by clicking on "New Installation ".

cara membuat blog

5. Then fill in the data for the installation. If you want to install wordpress blogon the main directory (directly in domainanda.com and is not a sub domainfor example domainanda.com / blog) then the field "Install in directory" youempty it.
belajar membuat blog

6. Then click "finish installation ".

tutorial blog wordpress

contoh blog wordpress

Views on a standard view of the wordpress blog. You can edit the contentand appearance of the wordpress blog via the Admin Area and change the display to be more nice and professional.
You can login at the Admin using the username and password you created at the time to do the installation. Further survived creative with your Wordpress Blog!

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