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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

get the money via FACEBOOK

bagi-bagi on facebookA new breakthrough in the application up that has not existed for this. With creative ideas capitalize created an application where the user (user) can answer some questions asked and get the reward money. This application is named "Share-Share on Facebook" The new launched on Saturday 25 July2009. Of course this attracted much attention, the bloggers and Facebook users are competing to sign up, let alone this application system also uses are ferral system, where we can invite our friends to participate in this application and so we can get additional income of referrals (which we invite friends).

How to be had?
You answered $ 150, -
From downline level 1 USD 60, -
From downline level 2 USD 50, -
From downline level 3 USD 40, -
(For every 1 questions answered)
For more details let us see further clarification on the application in the form of questions commonly asked by users (FAQ)

FAQ bagi-bagi on Facebook 

For how to participate and run this application, please see the explanationbelow:

1. Follow the application by clicking here
2. Please answer questions put
Bagi-bagi on Facebook

* note the hint (hint), select the correct answer and submit

3. If true will appear (with your name)

reading please click "click here to see Qads else!"

Do not forget to invite other friends to spread your link is at the bottom left orclick share

Due to invite more friends the more you earn extra income opportunity.

Is not that great of Facebook we can get additional revenue.

Waiting for, please try the application here,
 should be hunted before a lot of friends who participate, because the fewer friends who join the more chance we are to get referrals, which machin the form of additional income

If referrals (friends who were invited) you are confused how, please tell how to provide a link to this article
(but make sure that the person is really your downline. Otherwise it'll actually be my downline)

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