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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kissing technique

Previously, I have to say, that this article specifically given to you who already are married, so can your partner happy. Thank you

Kissing? Hmm ..., you know, it's a "small meal" that must be done before having sex. A kiss that success will result in intercourse beautiful, intimate, sweaty, and, very nice! Therefore, making a kiss to be very comfortable, absolutely must be realized. We show you tricks.

Sex starts from the lip.
That's how it should be. Because, at the time was lackluster, the touch of this region will become a trigger estrus and whipped up the nerve to ask for action that are more "distant".

By Barbara, author of Getting Close: A Cintar's Guide to Embracing Fantasy and Heightening Sexual Connection, kiss it like a direct electric shock to surprise to the entire body nerve causing tremendous upheavals. One of the most traditional stimulus is kissing. Although done without the enthusiasm of the early, nerve stimulation on the lips will immediately arouse. Especially when you do some kissing tips following;

When you're not too excited, accompanied by a sigh a kiss will make you and he relaxed and not rush. While your face closer to her, touch her lips gently and slowly To be more tempting to do rotational motion or play. The trick, move your head to the left, right, up and down.

Taste, do you and your partner's lips are warm. Remove a more exciting moment, partner's lips with her lips tickled the tip of the tongue. Touch the center of the lip area and then he at other points. Keep up to air out a sigh when you sigh could moisten his lips and took on a more perfect enjoyment.

Touch and pinch.
William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, mentioning the touch of a finger may cause a more intense sensation than a regular kiss. That means you need to stimulate the partner's lips with your fingers. The trick, touch lips with your fingers. Play bit her lips and then pinch the middle of the lips. When the he was surprised, drag his body, continues to fill her mouth with a kiss repeatedly, sucking!. Next let the him to take over control. Open up your lips and let the couples demonstrate their ability to stimulate your lips.

As you both begin to be tempted to continue on a deeper intimacy, stop kiss with closed lips with your fingers. Then, whisper any delusion that exist in your mind. Do not be shy to express your fantasy on the couple.

After closing the lips with your fingers, do the reflex movement by closing the lips with your lips. Try not there is a gap that allows air out of his mouth. Then, open your mouth and inhale a deep breath of his mouth. Do it in turn. The sensation that you will both feel is gasping for breath. Possibly, this style a little surprising the couple. When the couple appeared to be not ready, try to practice first. Except, if you want to make this style as a surprise. Watch her reaction. When the he looked like him, do it again. Conversely, if the couple did not seem ready, do not force.

Small clinch.
Your lips have extraordinary power to evoke passion. So use these weapons as possible. In addition to kissing, you can bite in sensitive areas. Make small bites, on the body. Begin at the most sensitive parts of the body above the ear lobe, then slowly headed to the neck, chest, arms, abdomen, and thighs. Do bite with front teeth.

With a small bite is secured arousal will increase. At that time the hormone endorphin which appears to lock your pain receptors so that your bite is not painful. In contrast to an extraordinary pleasure. In fact, at that time by William Cane many new husband or wife who realizes that her partner bites cause pain or injury during intercourse is completed.

Hot-cold sensation.
Heat and cold are two opposite sense, but in a style kiss could be combined. Sensation produced extraordinary. Want to know how? At first, prepare hot drinks, can be tea, coffee, or milk. Also provide cold drinks like ice cream or ice cubes.

For the initial kiss, drink warm for your lips feel slightly warmer. Soon after that with your warm lips kiss lips. Before the couple breathing, immediately fill your mouth with a cold drink or ice, and then kissed her lips again mate. Taste and temperature are varied it can generate two different sensations in a kiss as well.

Your moaning turns out to evoke the spirit of the couple. Scream or groan out of your mouth cause specific vibration. When it touches the skin vibration couples will generate tremendous pleasure. Attach your mouth at the end of his jaw, then began sliding your mouth slowly followed her jaw line until it reaches the end of the jaw the other side. Start to moan or scream that will cause vibrations throughout the body couple. When the moaning, there's nothing wrong you express admiration for the pair. You may groan loud screams interspersed with small, seductive, or laugh-wet-breathed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Create Partitions of Windows 7

Computer or new laptop purchased usually only have 1 partition, which is drive C. What if you want to add a partition? New partition that is used to store data. The goal, when the operating system have a problem, your data remain stored even if you do reinstall.

To add a partition in Windows 7, you do not need to bother to install the application, such as Partition Magic, Paragon, or Acronis. You can use the Disk Management found in Computer Management.

Here's how life.

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Then right click on "Computer", click the "Manager".

3. Computer Management window appears select the "Storage" then click "Disk Management ".

4. To add partitions, you must reduce the size of partition C Drive first, then make a new partition. Right click on Drive C: then click "Shrink Volume".

5. Furthermore, Disk Management will conduct a query on drive C. This stage usually will take a duration depending on the capacity of drive C.

6. Then came the window Shrink C. You can enter a partition size that will be created. In this article, which included a large partition is 10000. Enter in the "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB". Try partition size that will be created does not exceed the capacity indicated on the "Size of available shrink space in MB".

7. After that, the hard disk will be split into 2. Also Appears description "unallocated".

8. The next step is to format the new partition. Right click on the partition (unallocated) and then select "New Simple Volume".

9. Launch window Welcome ... click "Next".

10. Specify Volume Size window appears. Here you can specify the number of the hard disk will be formatted. Just click "Next".

11. Driver window appears Assign Letter or Path. In this window you specify the drive letter for the partition. Let alone what it is. Click "Next".

12. Next comes the Format Partition window. Specify the file system to NTFS or FAT-partition. Choose NTFS-day course gini still use FAT? Do not forget, love the label too. Click "Next"
13. Appears page that displays the settings you created. Check before you click "Finish". If there is something wrong, click the "Back".

14. After the process of creating and formatting partitions is complete, check Disk Management. You also can check in Windows Explorer. Make sure there is a new drive.

Energy saving through a PC

Save energy? Want to hell, but it was hard, do not you use the computer must be plugged into electricity. If the flame of the night because the computer is also used to download software and video clips. BlackBerry batteries it also should be recharged every day via electricity. So lamented a friend.
Is it true that computer users can not save energy? If so, consider 20 tips yangdisajikan by a global leader in critical power and cooling services integrated APC by Schneider Electric Earth Day celebration to welcome the 22 April next.
1. Turn off computers at night (use only for 8 hours) to conserve energy use up to 810kWh per year and 67% usage.
2. Connect the computer to a surge protector with a master control outlet. This is to automatically be known when the computer is not used so that the electrical connections to the computer and its equipment can be disconnected.
3. Buy a flat sail monitor that is more energy efficient and also did not make the eyes work harder as the monitor tube (CRT).
4. Buy a computer equipped with Energy Star. For the record, laptops use less energy than desktops.
5. Plan the use of computers so that all activities can be completed in one time, and turn off the computer when no longer used.
6. Consider a smaller monitor. Monitor 14 "use 40% less energy than the monitor 17".
7. Turn on standby mode / sleep and energy usage settings.
8. Forget screensaver. The screensaver does not save energy unless you use a monochrome monitor.
9. See re-draft the document and e-mail on the screen, not print it.
10. Turn off the monitor when not in use. Do not switch the screensaver.
11. Consider an inkjet printer. Although slower than laser printers, inkjet uses less energy 80% - 90%.
12. Buy products made from plant-based inks or non-oil, because the product is made from recycled sources, require less use of hazardous materials and reproduce colors more bright and clear.
13. Turn off the printer and all other auxiliary devices when not in use.
14. Do not let the computer stays on at night or on weekends.
15. Pick a dark color as the background screen, because the bright color display uses more energy.
16. Reduce the room lighting levels at work using a computer.
17. Use network and share printers whenever possible.
18. Print with recycled paper. Use a paper that does not use chlorine by 50% - 100% post-consumer waste.
19. Print on both sides of the paper.
20. Use e-mail as an alternative memos and faxes.