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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

change layout FACEBOOK

 Bored with the view that facebook is so-so alone without variation, not like friendster or myspace we can customize according to our will. Then try this one, this way we can replace the page view facebook become better and most importantly can be customized themselves.

article I created this for you who like to customize the look and at the same time meet the needs of some visitors to this blog through google with the keywords of:

-How to change the layout of facebook
Change the layout of facebook-tutorial
-Change the look of facebook
-Change the look of facebook

And there are many who seek article on facebook display. After some search websites, blogs and group-group that contains the tutorial
change the layout of facebook, I found 2 different ways:

1. Changing the layout view facebook in a way userstyles.org (for mozilla firefox users) cara mengubah tampilan facebook

Downloadable add-ons Mozzila

-Click "add to firefox", the installation and restart mozilla firefox

-Select the desired view here

-Click button "Load into Stylish"

-Save and refresh your facebook page

2. Changing the layout view facebook in a way yontoo.com (for users mozilla firefox and internet explorer) cara mengubah tampilan facebook
Yontoo-visit the website

-Select "Start Installation"

-Install add-ons and restart mozilla

-Install the application on facebook Page Range

-Select the desired view

You-see profile

How no.1 only works on your own computer which has installed the add-on stylish
How no.2 only works on computers that have installed the add-on Yontoo and owner of the facebook install application pagerege.This allows other people can see our facebook if they do the same.
Until now there is still no way to change the appearance facebook for all to see
Remember that Facebook is not the same as Myspace / Friendster which officially can change appearance in accordance with our wishes. 
This method is only a trick of the creator of the add-on that creative.to restore (remove) look like the original facebook read here

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