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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Entrepreneurial Success Tips - The Role of Belief in Business Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3869645

Faith is sometimes tricky and elusive. I have found that many times in my life, it was easier to believe in someone or something else than it was to believe in myself. And sometimes it is the only place we can start from, especially if we are embarking on a new path in life or a new journey where everything is very unfamiliar. Yet if you're going to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, belief in yourself is an essential quality you must possess.
When you believe in yourself many new powerful options become available to you:
1) You Can Dream BIG.
When you believe in yourself life is not just about "making it through another day." It becomes much more meaningful and you come to realize you can think BIG, Dream BIG, and implement the steps to achieve grand goals and dreams you may have once not thought possible for yourself.
At this stage basic goals for fitness, such as losing some weight, can become marathon runs. Dreams of running your own business and owning your own time become million dollar enterprises that barely need you present to keep the wheels turning.
2) You Can Persevere.
Make no mistake about it. Hard times WILL come in life. No one can avoid them as they are gifts for us to enhance and build our character. If you believe in yourself you will have the ability to push through and persevere through any trial. You believe in yourself and thus you know that "this too shall pass" and that the knowledge and wisdom you will be gaining from the current struggle is of much greater value.
You WILL be able to solve the problem because you believe in yourself. People who understand this, and believe in themselves, are more optimistic and positive people, precisely because they see a purpose in everything they do.
Each trial is a stage to test their skills and come out with a victory.
Each struggle, is really a challenge and a chance to sharpen their belief in themselves and their abilities to overcome any situation.
3) You WILL Succeed.
There is a very interesting phenomenon in the world that I cannot ignore. When you believe in yourself and believe you will succeed at whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, you WILL. Some call this the law of attraction, others call it luck, hard work, or good fortune. Whatever you want to call it does not really matter. What does matter is realizing that there is a law in this universe that rewards faith.
In fact, I honestly do not see how it is possible to succeed in anything without this faith and belief. So how do you cultivate this faith and belief in yourself?
Practical Steps To Build A Stronger Faith and Belief In Oneself
I have found that with some things in life, it is easier to believe in ourselves, while at other times, it becomes nearly impossible. For instance, you may be a really great speaker, so your goal of gathering together a group of people to form a non-profit organization to serve some area of your community may not require as much belief in yourself to accomplish. Yet, you may not be very good at managing money or even these people once this organization gets going. What's the solution?
1) Focus On What You Do Well.
Faith and belief in yourself can be built and strengthened by starting with the areas that you already do well. If you are a good speaker, seek to expand upon that ability.
Growing and nurturing our current strengths is a great way to build upon the belief and faith we have in ourselves.
This leads into a second really important point as well...
2) Seek Out Expert Help
If you have a goal you need to reach and are experiencing some troubles getting things accomplished, do not be afraid to seek outside help. You don't have to do it all on your own! When you focus on your personal strengths you will be able to recognize the strengths of others and how they may be able to help. You WILL be able to find the right experts to finish the job.
3) Lighten Up and Relax A Little
Guess what? There is no one on the face of this planet that can do everything perfectly. All you need to do is embrace those skills and talents you have identified in yourself and create situations in life for others around you to be able to do the same. Lighten up a little. Love those you come into contact with or need to work with.
Appreciate them for who they are and what their strengths are, and you will all be able to accomplish your goals working together. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
4) Start Small.
It is very difficult to maintain a healthy and strong belief in yourself if you are constantly trying to set goals for yourself that are just not attainable. For instance, if you are 4ft. 3in. tall, you may not be able to play in the NBA no matter how hard you work at it. In other words you need to be reasonable and set goals for yourself that are within your grasp.
This also means you need to take small steps toward those BIG goals that you have decided can be reached, but that will take some time and training to accomplish.You wouldn't just jump off the couch today and expect to be able to complete a marathon run without any prior training, right? Start with goals you know you can accomplish and grow from there.
Faith and belief is the essential starting point for anything you want to accomplish. As you grow and nurture this faith you will be able to accomplish just about anything you can imagine.
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3869645

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