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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Create Partitions of Windows 7

Computer or new laptop purchased usually only have 1 partition, which is drive C. What if you want to add a partition? New partition that is used to store data. The goal, when the operating system have a problem, your data remain stored even if you do reinstall.

To add a partition in Windows 7, you do not need to bother to install the application, such as Partition Magic, Paragon, or Acronis. You can use the Disk Management found in Computer Management.

Here's how life.

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Then right click on "Computer", click the "Manager".

3. Computer Management window appears select the "Storage" then click "Disk Management ".

4. To add partitions, you must reduce the size of partition C Drive first, then make a new partition. Right click on Drive C: then click "Shrink Volume".

5. Furthermore, Disk Management will conduct a query on drive C. This stage usually will take a duration depending on the capacity of drive C.

6. Then came the window Shrink C. You can enter a partition size that will be created. In this article, which included a large partition is 10000. Enter in the "Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB". Try partition size that will be created does not exceed the capacity indicated on the "Size of available shrink space in MB".

7. After that, the hard disk will be split into 2. Also Appears description "unallocated".

8. The next step is to format the new partition. Right click on the partition (unallocated) and then select "New Simple Volume".

9. Launch window Welcome ... click "Next".

10. Specify Volume Size window appears. Here you can specify the number of the hard disk will be formatted. Just click "Next".

11. Driver window appears Assign Letter or Path. In this window you specify the drive letter for the partition. Let alone what it is. Click "Next".

12. Next comes the Format Partition window. Specify the file system to NTFS or FAT-partition. Choose NTFS-day course gini still use FAT? Do not forget, love the label too. Click "Next"
13. Appears page that displays the settings you created. Check before you click "Finish". If there is something wrong, click the "Back".

14. After the process of creating and formatting partitions is complete, check Disk Management. You also can check in Windows Explorer. Make sure there is a new drive.

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